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Hello! I'm Katie. I am a friendly, ocean-loving human who counts her lucky stars to be able to share two of her favourite things, yoga and mindfulness, with others in Newquay and around Cornwall. Yoga and mindfulness have helped me through many challenging times and I feel so grateful to have these practices in my life.


I am originally from Yorkshire, and moved to Newquay five years ago after travelling the world in search of snowy slopes and surf. My other favourite things include cold water swims, surfing, days on the beach with my partner Ben and two step sons and dancing at festivals.





2016: 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Julia McCabe and Sarah Zandbeek

2018: 40hr Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Amanda Brown

2019: Level 2 Sacred Sequencing Teacher Training with Keren Cooksey and Lucy McCarthy

2019: 30hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Eimear Beardmore

2019 - 2022: Masters Degree in Teaching Mindfulness at Bangor University

It is my heartfelt wish to help you feel more at home in your skin through Yoga and Mindfulness. The journey to self-acceptance begins by holding out a loving hand to this body that has carried you around this earth since birth, and whispering in your own ear as many times as we need to hear it “I am enough.”


That doesn’t mean that we can’t also gently hold goals such as eating better and learning to move with more freedom and ease, but that our choices about how to live each moment are grounded in kindness and clear-seeing.


Mindfulness and yoga can help us to break free from the limitations our minds can impose upon us. These ancient practices alongside modern physiological and psychological science offer a toolbox of practical skills to navigate being a human being.  

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